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Low Interest Rates & Life

The current ultra low interest rate environment is great for mortgage rates. However, it is putting tremendous pressure on long term guaranteed life insurance products like 30-Year Level Term and Guaranteed Universal Life. We have already seen two companies with such plans recently to increase their pricing, one very substantially. Our industry sources are suggesting that more rate increases and even product discontinuations in these types of coverages are right around the corner.  

This is a great time for many to consider refinancing a mortgage. It’s also the right time to reach out to your clients and suggest a life insurance policy review. If your clients wait even a short time, it may be too late to take advantage of the current low price options on these long term guarantee products.

 At Designs In Life, and during this difficult time full of uncertainty, we are here to help you and your valued clients get the coverage they need.  Let’s add some certainty where it’s needed most!

Jeff Barksdale at Designs in Life

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