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Stay Calm, Stay Centered

I normally don’t make comments about our competitors, but I recently saw an E-mail blast to licensed Life insurance brokers that quoted a very debatable Coronavirus mortality rate in the U.S. along with the suggestion that the Life Insurance Industry could be pulling products off the market. Not to minimize the risk, but these types of statements only add to the hysteria. This is, in fact, a “Black Swan“ event, which should make all of us not only think about our life insurance coverage but many other things pertaining to our personal and financial well being. We are here to discuss the realities and importance of doing a proper life insurance review for you and your clients. We vigorously promote and encourage this practice during less alarming times and in difficult times like we are dealing with now.

To be clear, this Coronavirus event may heighten the awareness and need for general financial fitness reviews, but this is what we have been doing for years and will continue to do daily. It is what Designs In Life is all about. We will all get through this, and this too shall pass. If what is happening prompts you to look more closely at yours and your client’s life and living benefit insurance needs, then this is, in fact, a Coronavirus silver lining. But the truth is that as a financial and risk management professional, you should be doing this on a very regular basis! We have the tools and programs to help you! As an example, check out our “Your Life Department” program. We know that you are all very busy with your clients and life. Many agents have found this program invaluable in not only enhancing their overall business and client retention but helping to solve time management problems associated with offering life insurance in their practices as well. 

While it is crucial in times like these to have enough toilet paper to take care of your personal business, it has always been our business to make sure that you, your loved ones, and your clients are properly insured just in case life gets flushed!

-Shawn and all of us at Designs in Life


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