Underwriting Tools

We are proud to offer premier underwriting and new business services. With access to all of the industry’s top carriers, our firm has successfully established solid relationships with key senior underwriting executives. We work to leverage these relationships in obtaining the best possible underwriting offers for your clients. Our unique approach and underwriting strategies consistently beats our competitors’ offers.

Help your clients prepare for their exam with these simple Exam Prep Tips:

Help clients prepare for their life insurance exams

Walk them through the process so there are no surprises on exam day. Our office can help you with exam ordering.


Inform your client that they will be receiving a call from the examining service to schedule the date and time for their insurance exam to be completed.

Medical History

During the exam, clients will be asked about medical history: listing of medications (both prescribed and over the counter) and medical professionals seen in the last five years.

Resting EKG

This will need to be performed in a place that is suitable for the client to lie down with privacy.

Exam Days (Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday)

Historically these are the best days for big exams. If taken on a Friday, lab work may sit over the weekend. On Monday, the client may
have overindulged during the weekend (alcohol/salt/high-fat food). We recommend morning exams and overnight/a.m. fast prior to bloodwork (no caffeine or food and limited water).

Lab Work

Both blood and urine samples will be taken for the majority of the cases. Face amount and age are the determining factors for which labs will be drawn.