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I was shocked by what I found in my mailbox…

Last week I was shocked when I opened my mailbox…you remember those, right?  I’m talking about the regular ol` mailbox in front of my house 🙂

Now, if you’re not a P&C shop, this may not alarm you…but you might still want to know what’s going out there.

I don’t get a lot of ‘good’ mail, mostly junk…and I’m always amazed by the number of offers for Auto Insurance from the likes of GEICO and Progressive…they send me more junk mail than anyone.

But that’s not what shocked me last week. This time when I open my mailbox there was the normal assortment of junk mail, and a large full color double sided post card offering me a quote on my auto insurance…but this one was different.

This offer was from a MAJOR LIFE INSURANCE CARRIER!!!

Why did this alarm me? Because as a marketer I know that this was the first step in a campaign to cross sell Life Insurance to me.

  • Step 1: offer me a review of my auto policy to try and save me money.

  • Step 2: provide me a quote on Life Insurance while I’m on the phone.

Why should this alarm you? Because if you’re not asking your clients about Life Insurance, you can be GUARANTEED that your competition will.

I know that you know that your client retention rate goes WAY UP when you have a Home/Auto + Life client. So I want to provide you with a couple of quick solution to the obvious problem. I want to give you the tools to ask, and sell more Life Insurance…even if you don’t have a ‘life guy’ or don’t have the time to sell yourself.

Implement an ‘ask’ program in your agency

Don’t have a life guy? Don’t have time?

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