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Life is full of surprises. This was proven to me once again when I went out to dinner with some friends recently. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our waitress, Susan, was an old acquaintance. Our kids had played sports together when they were young. I assumed that she was working just to keep busy now that our kids had grown.

changesLater that week I was running around town and stopped by the 99cent store to pick up a few things. There was Susan, two times in one week 🙂 I jokingly said to her “I promise, I’m not stalking you”; and started talking about how much I like the store. Her reply shocked me. She said: “I hate this store, I work here. Since my husband died I have to work two jobs and it’s very difficult. I have a house payment, car payments, and a son in college. When I asked if they had life insurance she said “no”.

I felt so guilty. Here I am, in the life insurance business! I realized that maybe I could have prevented this hardship for her if I would have simply asked: ‘Do you have life insurance?’

I felt the need to share this with all our agents and associates. I don’t want you to be faced with the same guilt and feeling of lack of professional responsibility.

Do you ask your friends and family if they have life insurance?

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  1. Mike Hedges

    Been there. Done that.

    Thanks for the story. We fail our friends, acquaintances and clients when we do not successfully drive home the need for protection.


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