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Weekly Reporter – August 11th, 2015

Making it easier to estimate the value of a business, the advantages of buying LTC early and more in this week’s newsletter.

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The Advantages of Buying LTCi Early
Why should people consider buying LTCi in their 40s and 50s? Not only is premium more affordable, it also can help ensure people are able to qualify for coverage. According to Eva Ng, who bought a policy at age 53, her agent repeatedly told her, “You’d rather be 10 years too early than five minutes too late.” Watch a short video from the non-profit organization, Life Happens, to hear Eva and others talking about the advantages of buying early.
 Watch this short video
Making it Easier to Estimate the Value of Your Client’s Business
Many solutions can help your clients transition the management and ownership of their business. But no matter what type of business succession plan you consider, you’ll need some idea what the business is worth. And this tool can help by making it easier to determine a reasonable estimate of your clients’ business value and to understand the comparison of business valuation methods.
 making it easier
New Prospecting Tools Available
Help build your fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance business with new prospecting tools from the Life Insurance in Retirement Kit. These new prospecting tools were designed to help you get in front of more potential clients to talk about how FIUL can play an important role in their overall retirement strategy.
 get in front of more clients
New Year, New Needs
With fewer estate holders subject to estate taxes, some people think estate planning is a thing of the past. But tax law changes have brought new opportunities for your clients. Watch the EPIC (Estate Planning, Individually Centered) video to learn how you can help clients start earlier to maximize their estate plan in both life AND at death.
 new opportunities
Product Updates
Strong GUL Product Just Got Stronger
For the past 18 months, Symetra Life Insurance Company has been consistently regarded as a price leader in the guaranteed universal life marketplace. To maintain and strengthen their position, they are pleased to announce some exciting enhancements to their flagship no-lapse-guarantee product, including the addition of a new, more robust Chronic Illness rider.
 exciting enhancements
Business Needs Solutions with Founders Plus UL
Attracting and retaining top talent for small or privately held businesses can be difficult. Even harder is protecting the business against losing them due to retirement, death, or disability. See how Founders Plus can be an effective policy to leverage in these situations.
 attract and retain top talent
Underwriting Updates
Financial Underwriting for Personal Insurance
In 14 minutes or less via on-demand webinars, Prudential shares what you need to know about their underwriting guidelines, case studies and niches. Each installment spans one of the eight topics you told them you wanted to know about.
 14 minutes or less

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