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Weekly Reporter – August 4th, 2015

Using life insurance to leverage alternative assets, top trends in corporate markets and more in this week’s newsletter.

Marketing Concepts

Using Life Insurance to Leverage Alternative Assets
There are many benefits to life insurance ownership—whether it’s owned by a trust or an individual. Life insurance can provide a financial hedge to your clients’ portfolios for assets that are earmarked for wealth transfer. This new sales idea brochure highlights two scenarios where leveraging alternative assets using life insurance may help maximize wealth transfer.
 Help Maximize Wealth Transfer
Access Trust Resources
An Access Trust is a type of irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) that enables the spouse of the trust grantor to receive distributions from the trust during his or her lifetime and as long as the trust is drafted and administered correctly, it will also have the tax benefits of a traditional lLIT.
 May Provide More Flexibility
Top 5 Trends in the Corporate Markets
John Hancock is a specialist in the Corporate Insurance marketplace, with extensive experience to offer a full suite of corporate solutions. They recently published highlights of the current trends throughout the corporate market based on their experience.
 Stay Abreast of These Trends
Product Updates
Downside Protection and a Dynamic Design
Part of the appeal of Accordia Life’s Lifetime Foundation indexed universal life (IUL) product is the combination of upside potential with the downside protection of the 0% floor, our patented 2% true-up guarantee and a dynamic design.
 Upside Potential, Downside Protection
A Better Way to Build More for Tomorrow
Survivorship indexed universal life insurance can be a smart addition to many financial plans for couples who want more ways to protect their legacy, reduce their taxes, and potentially grow their money over time with downside protection. BrightLife Grow Survivorship has been specifically designed for couples who want life insurance for their family and retirement income for themselves.
 Can be a smart addition
Underwriting Updates
Underwriting for Diabetes
In 14 minutes or less via on-demand webinars, Prudential shares what you need to know about their underwriting guidelines, case studies, and niches. Each installment focuses on one of the eight topics you told them you want to know more about. Up this week: Underwriting for Diabetes.
 Learn more in 14 mins or less
QuickPredict: Make it an App with Just a Tap
This first-of-its-kind mobile field underwriting tool can help producers determine early in the fact-finding process whether a client may qualify for an Elite or Preferred rating class, based on 11 key risk factors. After using MetLife QuickPredict and running an illustration based on the indicated possible rating class, producers can provide clients a more accurate individual life insurance policy premium estimate.

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