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Weekly Reporter – August 24th, 2015

Strategies to maximize Social Security benefits, the missing tool in your clients’ financial toolbox and more in this week’s newsletter.

Marketing Concepts

Guide Clients to a More Effective Retirement Planning Strategy
This new Life Events ekit provides an effective way to approach consumers planning for their future and thinking about retirement. These materials will help you develop a systematic approach to meeting with clients to guide them into a more effective retirement planning strategy using life insurance.
 More effective Retirement Planning Strategy
The Disability – Survival Paradox
For women, greater longevity comes with a greater probability of a disability. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in three women ages 70 to 74 have a serious disability. In Prudential’s new white paper Women at Risk: The Disability-Survival Paradox, and accompanying executive summary, Dr. Bob Pokorski explores the implications of this issue and ways you and your clients can prepare better.
 Prepare Better
Strategies to Maximize Social Security Benefits
Life insurance is often left out of the retirement planning process – it shouldn’t be. Prudential’s white paper, Innovative Strategies to Help Maximize Social Security, highlights strategies to help your clients maximize their Social Security income. Share the paper with your clients to open this important conversation.
 Help Maximize Income
The Missing Tool in Your Clients’ Financial Toolbox
Your clients need to employ a diverse set of financial tools in order to help maximize their assets and minimize their taxes. Permanent life insurance is one such tool for clients who need a death benefit since it offers tax-deferred cash value growth and tax-deferred distributions with no age restrictions. Both of which make permanent life insurance ideal for supplemental retirement income. Review the new “Life Insurance as a Financial Tool” (LIFT) marketing materials to learn more.
 Ideal for supplemental income
Product Updates
Taking Retirement Investing Up a Notch for Business Owners
When you’re helping business owners invest more for retirement, an insurance-based retirement plan is often a great strategy to share. But remember you can make it even more attractive if you show them Nationwide’s specially designed business life insurance products.
 even more attractive
Introducing an LTC Rider for MetLife’s Promise Whole Life Portfolio
The introduction of MetLife’s Long Term Care Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider means that your clients can protect themselves two ways with one product. Stacking the ability to cover some long-term care expenses on top of the guaranteed death benefit the MetLife Promise Whole Life portfolio offers results in a powerful combination of protection in one product.
 a powerful combination
Underwriting Updates
Underwriting Prostate and Colon Cancer
In 14 minutes or less via on-demand webinars, Prudential shares what you need to know about a particular underwriting scenario. Up this week is underwriting prostate and colon cancer.
 14 minutes or less

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