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Weekly Reporter – May 26th, 2015

Video to help connect with female clients, a marketing guide for small businesses and a study on generational differences in this week’s newsletter.

Marketing Concepts

Generations Apart: A New Study
It’s important for financial professionals to adapt their way of doing business to become more aligned with the expectations of both today’s and tomorrow’s clients. Baby Boomers and Generation Xers are facing different financial challenges, but both can benefit from working with a financial professional to develop better financial habits today and to work toward a more successful retirement
 Important for Advisors to Adapt
Video: Real Women. True Stories.
This “Reasons to Plan” video features real women telling personal stories about family and aging. Share it with your female clients and open a meaningful dialogue about how a life insurance policy and the BenefitAccess Rider may help them meet the challenges of aging and chronic illness.
 Open a meaningful dialogue
Taking Care of Small Business
From prospecting in this lucrative and under-served market to developing clients, this comprehensive Small Business Support Program has you covered.
 Comprehensive Small Business Support
Retirement Income Strategy
While most clients have spent countless years preparing for retirement, most have not put nearly as much thought and effort into how to be retired. How can advisors better equip their clients for their portfolio “decumulation” phase while trying to take into account any unforeseen and unfavorable market conditions?
 Better Equip Clients for Retirement
Product Updates
Kickstart Coverage for the Whole Family
A single rider on this term policy covers all eligible children to the earlier of the child’s 25th birthday or the policy insured’s 65th.
 New Child Rider
Check Out This Hybrid IUL Product at a Market Leading Price
With premiums as much as 10 percent below most GUL policies, Value+ IUL provides strong, dependable protection, performs well at a low interest rate, and offers a guaranteed persistency bonus. Plus it offers innovative features to access supplest cash value without reducing the initial death benefit.
 Premiums as much as 10% below most GUL

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