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Life Insurance Sales Rule #1

You Can’t Sell What You Don’t Have

question-guysBob thought that he could wait a few more weeks before he insured himself


It’s very difficult to talk to clients with professional and personal conviction about sales concepts and products that you have not first applied to yourself.  In other words: You Can’t Sell What You Don’t Have! So, we’re preaching to the choir, and asking you to start with yourself, your family, and your business.

When was the last time you did a basic life insurance review for you?
We’re betting that you’ll be very surprised with how much your needs have changed if you haven’t done this recently!

Included below is a very simple life insurance worksheet to get you started. You can use it for yourself today and for your clients tomorrow. You can’t guarantee your insurability, and every day we get a little older, so don’t delay. 😉

DOWNLOAD: Life Insurance Quick Worksheet pdf-download2


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