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It’s All About Service

I read an article citing a 2012 American Express Global Customer Service Survey that stated that Americans will tell an average of 15 people about positive experiences, and an average of 24 people about poor experiences.  Results also showed that consumers who use social media tell three times as many people about service experiences compared to the general population. With hundreds of millions of people on social networks, that is a statistic that cannot be ignored.

Because our clients (producers, agents, financial advisors, office managers, and administrative assistants) have the technology to share their positive and/or negative experiences about our business in a matter of seconds, we all have a greater responsibility than ever before to deliver the most stellar, legendary service possible.

Keep up the good work!  I know we all have  good reputations.  But, we can never treat anyone like “small change” or give anything less than our best.  You can get product from anyone.  Service is what distinguishes us from the pack!

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