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We’ve Got A New Website!

The new site is cleaner, faster, easier to navigate and it is going live Monday, January 28th. The entire structure of the site has changed, but all the tool you know and love are still available and even easier to find & use 🙂

What can you expect on the new site?

  • Fewer Passwords | We’ve removed the login password to make it even easier to get to the tools you need quickly. There are specific industry tools (ie: ipipeline) that require you continue to use a password, but we thought it would be nice to have one less password to manage 🙂
  • Fewer Clicks | Everything is easier to find & faster to get to with all our Agent Tools, Industry Blog & Marketing Resources on one unified site with one simple menu.
  • New Quote Request Forms | The new forms have a cleaner layout and are easier to navigate and submit.
  • And a bunch of other little things 🙂

We know that change is…well…different…but our website needed a major change to keep up with technology and provide you with a faster, cleaner, more secure way of conducting business online 🙂

We hope you enjoy the new site!

-The Designs In Life Team

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