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Weekly Reporter – May 4th, 2015

Advice on working with couples, solutions to top retirement concerns, generating sales in the hottest market and more in this week’s newsletter!

Marketing Concepts

Generate New Sales in the Hottest Market
Are you interested in learning how to generate new sales in the hottest market? All year long, Transamerica Life Insurance Company and [p:company] will help you grow your business with new markets, while rewarding you in the process. Watch this video to let Transamerica’s John Oliver show you how.
 Grow Your Business With New Markets
Why Focus on Couples?
Most financial professionals work with couples, but very few have training on how to effectively advise couples. This new program can help you be more effective with you couple clients.
 Be More Effective with Couple Clients
Rethinking the Familiar
Scientists often make discoveries that cause us to rethink long-held beliefs about how the world works. In the world of financial planning, we are also forced to rethink problems and their solutions. Sometimes change comes suddenly from Congress in the form of a new law. Other times, it appears more gradually as society itself changes. In this issue of AMO Current Comment, consider how non-traditional families, digital assets and increased longevity have introduced new planning issues.
 Consider these new planning issues
Solutions to Top Retirement Concerns
Generally speaking, there are three big risks people are trying to prepare for prior to retirement. They want to make sure their mortgage gets paid off. They want to ensure their children will have the opportunity to go to college. And if an income earner dies prior to retirement they want to make sure their surviving spouse and family has the income they need to continue to live the life they expected. But there are 3 additional risks retirees don’t often consider that modern life insurance can
 Consider These Retirement Risks
Product Updates
Wellness for Life
Accordia Life brings a long history of wellness expertise to their customers. Their Wellness for Life rider was an industry first. Your customers can save on their insurance costs and build greater cash value over time, simply by demonstrating they care about their health.
 Save on costs, build greater cash value
AXA BrightLife Protect: A Unique Design
AXA created BrightLife Protect to provide clients with a more efficient protection product by combining an ultra low cost structure with the opportunity for realistic, moderate growth. See what happens when BrightLife Protect is illustrated using another carrier’s lifetime NLG premium.
 See what happens
Underwriting Updates
New, Improved Underwriting Guidelines
Legal & General America has heard you! In response to your collective feedback, they’ve focused on improving their financial underwriting and expanded their guidelines. Additionally, they no longer require Treadmill EKGs or Physician Exams, approved new underwriting vendors and increased their jumbo limits.
 Improved Financial Underwriting

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