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Transamerica TransACE Products Withdrawn from New Sales

Please be advised that Transamerica Life has “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY” withdrawn their TransACE Guaranteed Universal Life and TransACE Survivor products for new sales. Any ISSUED business will be allowed to be placed and put in force. However…. No new applications will be accepted…Also pending TransACE business currently in underwriting, not yet issued, will be suspended.    SEE TRANSAMERICA message below

We at Designs in Life deeply regret the action that Transamerica has taken in transitioning away from their Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) TransACE product line. Even though Transamerica has for now made the decision to leave the Guaranteed Universal Life market there are other fine carriers we handle that offer very competitive GUL products.

We are very committed to the GUARANTEED LIFE product space in general here at Designs in Life. The Life insurance industry has recently been trending towards more products that offer limited long term death benefit protection. Conversion opportunities from term protection to permanent protection with many carriers have also been compromised. We would love to talk with you about these issues and give you the benefit our longstanding experience and expertise with regards to making sure that you and your clients have the BEST life insurance protection possible.  CONTRACTUALLY Guaranteed Long term death benefit products still make sense!!! They not only offer great protection but peace of mind. We still think that’s pretty important and believe that most of you still do too!

Call us today and let’s have a discussion about these and any other Life insurance questions you may have in mind.


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