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Living Benefits are where it’s at!

Guarantees are powerful.  They allow for proper and concise planning.  But with traditional LTC, there are no guarantees.  It’s use it or lose it.  We know that rate increases are a reality and they can negatively affect your LTC plan.  By using Life with Long Term Care, you can effectively plan using guaranteed premiums and if (yes, a bold if as current statistics show that 1 out of every 2 Americans will require long term care) you never need Long-Term Care, your beneficiaries can receive a tax free death benefit.

pdf-download2Life with LTC is the solution, but while various companies may appear to offer essentially the same protection, there are many differences that you need to be aware of. This document will help you better understand the variations in LTC and Chronic Illness riders.


When you’re ready to get the conversation started, here is a video that you can share with your clients. It clearly communicates the importance of Long-Term Care Insurance.



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