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Make disability protection hit home with clients!

Eddie battingTestimonials and examples offer an excellent way to connect with clients and can be the key to Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance sales success. Follow these tips to create rapport, overcome objections and close sales.

Perception: 71% believe disabilities are most likely caused by serious accidents.* Reality: Fewer than 1 in 10 long-term disability claims result from injuries.* Most are caused by illnesses and medical conditions.
TIP: Most people know someone who has suffered from cancer, heart disease, debilitating back pain, etc. Knowing someone with a disabling condition causes many to perceive their own chances as significantly higher.* Ask clients who they know who has suffered from any of these common diseases and conditions.
Perception: 64% think their odds of a disability are just 1 to 2% during their working years.* They also think their own chances of a disability are much lower than the “other guy.” Reality: The actual odds of becoming disabled are 10 times higher than they think.* Disabilities happen and they don’t discriminate.
TIP: If you know someone who became disabled (with or without disability insurance), share that story with clients. You can also use one of Principal Life’s claimant testimonial pieces or show clients their odds for becoming too sick or hurt to work.
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